Domestic Group Tours

About Our Domestic Tours

Our domestic tours offer convention attendees the opportunity to extend a few more days and explore the region. For example, from Las Vegas we travel to the Grand Canyon and Sedona, From Washington, DC we extend to Williamsburg; from Atlanta Charleston and Savannah make a wonderful combination. Or, we design tours tailored to the interests of your affinity group. For example, garden tours, the Westminster Kennel Dog Show, or riding the SAM Shortline Excursion Train in southern Georgia.

International Group Tours

About Our International Tours

Our international tours align with two primary opportunities. We package travel around a world congress or board meeting. The local member is responsible for operating the Congress. Our job is organizing the travel, including pre-and-post-tours for North American and other international attendees. Study Missions afford the other great opportunity. When there is no Congress, we organize meetings with local counterparts and facilities visits. These are deluxe tour programs that last ten days to two weeks.