Columbus Botanical Garden Visits Cape Cod & Nantucket

Enjoy Cape Cod’s Hydrangea Festival
July 11-15, 2019

Dear Members, Supporters and Friends,

Plan now to take advantage of this unique opportunity to attend Cape Cod’s annual Hydrangea Festival in the company of Columbus Botanical Garden’s Executive Director, Stefan Bloodworth. Accommodations are arranged at the harbor-side Anchor Inn in Hyannis and the historic Jared Coffin House in Nantucket. A preliminary itinerary follows that is based on conversations with festival organizers. Specific garden visits and programs will be confirmed in February. Interest in this trip prompted us to publish the brochure this month to take advantage of lower air fares. The suggested Delta and Jet Blue flights currently show good availability. Otherwise, it’s prime time on Cape Cod and Nantucket, not only for hydran-geas, and a great time to fully enjoy their charm. Please act today to reserve your spot!