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International Study Mission Solvenia - Croatia - Montenegro

Solvenia - Croatia - Montenegro
September 17 - 28,2011

This year's International Study Mission visits Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro. Ljubljana, Zagreb and Dubrovnik are centuries old cities. Our site visits and meetings promise to be unique and educational.

Ljubljana is Slovenia's capital. Legend says the foundations were laid by the Argonauts 3,000 years ago. Ljubljana is a fairy‐tale city replete with a castle. The historic center is filled with striking monuments and generous squares. The city is comparatively compact so we can tour and explore with ease. Our first stop in Croatia is Zagreb, once part of the Austro‐Hungarian Empire, it rivaled Venice in terms of sea power, wealth and influence. Our hotel, the Regent Esplanade is located in the historic city center as is the Union Executive in Ljubljana.

En route to southern Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast, we stop for lunch in Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where 16 lakes are connected by a series of waterfalls. We'll now spend 3 nights on the Coast just north of Dubrovnik exploring Split and the island of Havar. Enroute to Dubrovnik from Split we'll visit Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Our last day of touring will be in Montenegro.


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