Welcome to the ATA Web Site!

American Travel specializes in organizing international and domestic tours as a member service for affinity groups, professional and trade associations. Our itineraries are customized to fit the needs of each organization or destination. We handle all the details of the tour -- brochure preparation, hotel, sightseeing, meals and coordinating special events and meetings. We have 25 + years of experience operating tours in the USA and throughout the world.

All our tour packages combine the pleasure of good hotels, the best local guides, regional dining, in-depth touring, and time on your own to shop and explore. Our tours offer unique insights into life in the areas we serve from professional and personal perspectives. And, most importantly, our tour members benefit from that most significant ingredient -- being part of a "family" of travelers. Traveling with those who share your interests leads to lasting friendships.

Our web site makes it easy and convenient to download your group's itinerary and complete the Reservation Form. Please let us know if you have any questions by e-mail, fax or telephone. If your organization doesn't have a tour planned, we can arrange it!